ATC wiring cabinet/mounting case

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Made from 20x20 extrusion with genuine Bosch Rexroth corner cubes for rigidity and then sheeted in 5mm 6082 alloy, this is made to the pattern in our ATC model.  The front panel is hinged for easy access to the electronics that will normally be mounted inside.

For all models, the 20x20 extrusion is cut to length and then the ends are machined flat to give accurate construction and maximum strength when joined.

For the 440 mill, the case is supplied with suitable spacers and bolts to mount directly onto the mill's Z column.

For the 770 and 1100 models, the case is supplied with a 10mm thick adapter plate, cut from 6082 alloy with machined, threaded mounting holes and additional spacers and bolts, ready to mount again, direct to the  column.

The latest version of the Fusion model includes the design of this plate, with user parameter sets to give the correct dimensions for each mill.